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Jailbreak iPhone

Apple has been trying to fix the problem of jailbreaking by releasing regular updates on iTunes. So if you like updating your iPhone via iTunes then you will be prevented from using the jailbroken phone, the phone will be restored to its original settings. The updates released on iTunes prevent hackers from cracking the code. This means that you will be trying to keep up with innovations to jailbreak iPhone again every time. This could be very involving in the long run which may eventually mean that you might not be willing to do the cat and mouse game over and over again.

iPhone Jailbreak

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Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone can be done in two basic ways. These ways can also be referred to as the types of jailbreaks. A jailbreak can either be tethered jailbreak or untethered jailbreak on an iOS operated device.

A tethered jailbreak involves the use of a computer system to which the iPhone or any other iDevice is attached to. This means that every time the user needs to boot the iPhone to its jailbroken state then s/he has to connect it to a computer.

While the untethered jailbreak is achieved without the use of a computer system, everything is done via the iDevice.

iPhone Jailbreak Apps

iPhone Jailbreak Instructions

iPhone Jailbreak 4.1

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Jailbreak iPhone

Hacking is essentially what has been driving manufacturers to improve on their products. Technological products have to undergo thorough tests to ensure high security levels. Jailbreak iPhone is a form of hacking into an iPhone. It exploits the flaws that are present in the iPhone. Just like any other none harmful hacking you get to realize greater benefits from your iPhone. The realization by Apple that the operating system they make use of in their iPhones has flaws has greatly assisted them to move more rapidly to try and tackle the flaws in the OS, thus the various versions of the OS.


iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.2

iPhone Jailbreak 3.1.3

iPhone Jailbreak 4.0


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